CASA – Advocating for Foster Youth Seeking Adoption

Based in Artesia, New Mexico, Rance Miles guides Quality Milk Sales as chief financial officer and chief operating officer. Active in his community, he supports a number of nonprofit organizations that seek to provide youth alternatives to drugs and gangs. Rance Miles is also involved with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which advocates for neglected foster children as they await placement with families.

CASA’s volunteer advocates provide judges with details necessary to ensure that the rights of each child are respected while they are in foster care. Children who are paired with CASA volunteers are significantly more likely to find an adoptive family and half as likely to reenter the foster care system.

One of CASA’s success stories featured on its website is that of Dashun Jackson, who endured years of abuse from his mother and her boyfriend, and from age 13 alternated between an aunt’s house and a children’s emergency shelter. A CASA volunteer changed all this by giving Dashun the knowledge and confidence to speak up for himself and communicate his needs. He was successfully placed in a foster home and ultimately decided to give back by working as program manager with an organization that mentors youth.


Three Examples of Films with Historically Inaccuracies

Rance Miles has worked as chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Quality Milk Sales in Artesia, New Mexico, since 1997. During his free time Rance Miles enjoys reading books and watching films based on historical figures and events.

For individuals interested in American and world history, movies can provide a unique opportunity to see into the lives and environments of some of history’s most notable figures. Unfortunately, movies often place added value on entertainment at the expense of historical accuracy. Sometimes historical films invent characters in order to tell a story, such as Russell Crowe’s character Maximus in Gladiator. The film’s historical figures were tampered with as well, including Emperor Commodus. In the film, Commodus is portrayed as an antagonist for Maximus, when historical records portray him as a fairly well-regarded ruler. The movie also condenses the reign of Commodus to no more than two years, when his actual rule lasted about 13.

The animated Disney film Pocahontas features a litany of historical errors. The actual Pocahontas, a child about 10 years old, had no romantic involvement with the 27-year-old John Smith.

Finally, a historical film can commit errors while also making controversial assessments of a historical event. Oliver Stone’s film JFK, for instance, is rife with historical inaccuracies, ranging from multiple confessions that never took place to several arrests and interrogations that were never made. More notably, the movie openly speculates on the true nature of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, frequently presenting audiences with the idea that the CIA and other government officials may have been involved with the assassination or at least part of a subsequent cover-up.

The Making of Dry Milk

As chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Quality Milk Sales, Rance Miles oversees the production of dry milk and other dairy products. Rance Miles also holds executive and board positions with several other producers of milk products.

The process of making dry milk begins when deliveries of fresh milk arrive at the creamery for quality testing. After testing is complete, the milk passes through an evaporator, which increases the percentage of solids in the milk to about 50 percent. The milk also undergoes pasteurization as it travels through the evaporator, after which time it goes through a separator to remove the butterfat.

The newly skimmed milk then undergoes standardization, which ensures that the percentage of solids remains consistent across each product. The condensed milk then becomes powdered milk, which can happen via one of several processes. One of the most common is spray-drying, which uses moving hot air to take the remaining water out of the milk. Drying may also take place using a heated drum, which removes moisture via electric current, or through the use of a compact dryer system that converts the milk into extremely fine droplets.

Consumer Tips – Buying Nonfat Dry Milk

Rance Miles serves as the chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Quality Milk Sales in Artesia, New Mexico. In this role, Rance Miles manages the production and financial operations of a milk and dairy producer that supplies grocery stores with many related items, including nonfat dry milk.

Nonfat dry milk (regular or instant) results from spraying skim milk into heated air. Both regular and instant nonfat dry milk products kinds contain the same nutrients. Regular dry milk takes up less shelf space, while instant is easier to mix with water.

When buying nonfat dry milk, it is important to look for certain verbiage on the label. For example, consumers should purchase milk that includes vitamins A and D. Further, the label Grade A is used by virtually all processors to indicate top quality. Extra grade means the milk is more soluble, has less bacteria and scorched particles, and has slightly less butterfat.

Bubba Watson Hits Newsworthy Drive

Rance Miles, senior executive for a number of dairy companies, follows professional golf in his free time. Rance Miles names Bubba Watson as his favorite player.

In late January of 2015, golf legend Bubba Watson made golf news with a near-ace at the 17th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Typically, most of the drama at this event happens on the TPC Scottsdale course’s par-3 16th hole. However, on Thursday, January 29, Bubba Watson united fans in suspense as he hit a drive on the par-4 17th hole.

Bubba Watson selected a Ping G30 driver to take his shot on this hole. The ball flew over the bunker and up to the green. This distance of more than 340 yards landed the ball just past the flag, which would have been a 6-foot putt had Watson made the next shot. However, his finish on this hole still allowed him to end the course with a 6-under 65, thus placing him one shot behind the lead with 54 holes remaining in play – a position he finished in at the final, in a three-way tie for second behind winner Brooks Koepka.

Court Appointed Special Advocates Annual Conference

As the chief operating and financial officer of Select Milk Producers, Inc., based in Artesia, New Mexico, Rance Miles oversees the company’s annual milk sales of more than $900 million. With more than three decades of experience in the agricultural field, he also serves as general manager of several other dairy companies, including Continental Dairy Products, Inc., and Southwest Cheese. Rance Miles spends his downtime supporting several charitable endeavors, one of which includes the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children.

Established in 1977 in Seattle, Washington, CASA is a group that advocates for children awaiting placement into foster homes. Since its inception, the group has grown to include more than 950 CASA and guardian ad litem programs in 49 states and the District of Columbia. In 2012, the organization provided more than 75,000 CASA and guardian ad litem (GAL) volunteers who helped 238,000 abused and neglected children secure permanent, safe homes.

Held annually, the National CASA Conference brings together CASA and GAL staff, volunteers, and board members to connect with others and become inspired to continue making a difference. Those who attend the 2015 event, scheduled for May 30 through June 2 in New Orleans, Louisiana, can partake in workshops and listen to renowned speakers. At the conference, CASA presents its Awards of Excellence to honor outstanding child advocates, board members, volunteers, and program directors.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Plans America’s Small Business Summit 2015

As COO and CFO of Quality Milk Sales, Rance Miles oversees the delivery of a wide range of dairy products to both domestic and international consumers. A former advisory board member at First American Bank, Rance Miles draws on his substantial business leadership experience to serve on the board of the United States Chamber of Commerce, as well as its public affairs, environmental regulation, and agricultural committees.

With the goal of promoting job creation, free enterprise, and international business expansion for American companies, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers a number of educational events and resources. Each year, the chamber’s membership convenes in the nation’s capital for America’s Small Business Summit. In 2015, the annual event will take place from June 8 to June 10. Over 800 business leaders and chamber officials will gather to hear expert insight on business and relevant policy, as well as advocate for small business concerns to federal legislators.

In addition to presenting valuable networking opportunities, America’s Small Business Summit 2015 will also serve as the forum for the 2015 Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award. During the event, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will award one small business the prestigious title and a $10,000 prize.