Benefits of Various Types of Cow’s Milk

Rance Miles oversees operations at a number of dairy product companies as general manager, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer of Quality Milk Sales in Artesia, New Mexico. In these leadership positions, Rance Miles provides various dairy products, including nonfat dry milk, condensed milk, and numerous cheeses, to international and domestic clients.

Milk is a great source of protein and vitamins D and K. An ample provider of calcium as well, one might wonder why anyone would drink anything but a glass of traditional whole milk at breakfast. However, there are actually a number of dairy milk variants, each with its own set of physical benefits. Organic milk, for example, contains higher concentrations of select antioxidants and fatty acids; the cows producing organic milk are provided with a free-roam, pesticide-free lifestyle. Unpasteurized milk, or raw milk, contains bacteria and enzymes that some people believe are beneficial to the body.


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