Benefits of Various Types of Cow’s Milk

Rance Miles oversees operations at a number of dairy product companies as general manager, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer of Quality Milk Sales in Artesia, New Mexico. In these leadership positions, Rance Miles provides various dairy products, including nonfat dry milk, condensed milk, and numerous cheeses, to international and domestic clients.

Milk is a great source of protein and vitamins D and K. An ample provider of calcium as well, one might wonder why anyone would drink anything but a glass of traditional whole milk at breakfast. However, there are actually a number of dairy milk variants, each with its own set of physical benefits. Organic milk, for example, contains higher concentrations of select antioxidants and fatty acids; the cows producing organic milk are provided with a free-roam, pesticide-free lifestyle. Unpasteurized milk, or raw milk, contains bacteria and enzymes that some people believe are beneficial to the body.


Sporting Clay Etiquette

An executive at Quality Milk Sales, Rance Miles enjoys participating in outdoor activities. A hunter, Rance Miles likes to practice his shooting skills by sporting clays.

Upholding proper etiquette while sporting clays is necessary to ensure that both amateur and seasoned shooters enjoy their time at a range. Because it is a more sociable activity, maintaining absolute quietness is not necessary–it is appropriate to hold conversations about how to improve one’s shot, and to congratulate a person following a direct hit.

In addition, shooters pay in advance for a specific number of targets to hit. Once all birds are pulled and attempted shots are taken, a shooter should not request that a puller release extra targets. Each target represents a material expense to a shooting range and should be paid for prior to its use. Other rules of etiquette in sporting clays include loading one’s gun only when in a cage, throwing away hulls, and tipping the trap kid following a round of clays.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Its History and Accomplishments

New Mexico resident Rance Miles serves as the chief operations officer and chief financial officer of Quality Milk Sales. Having held the position for more than a decade, Rance Miles understands the importance of preserving jobs and companies stateside. For this reason, he joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where he serves as a board member and as regional vice chairman for the southwest region.

The world’s largest business organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce represents more than three million companies ranging from local mom-and-pop retailers to large enterprises that conduct business globally. The organization, established in 1912, was initiated by President William Taft, who wanted to protect the welfare of American businesses. Former director of the Union Trust Company Harry A. Wheeler became the first president of the Chamber following a unanimous vote by business, association, and chamber members.

Today, the organization is comprised of lobbyists and advocates who strive to create jobs within communities and tackle regulatory reform. As of September 2014, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has successfully implemented 51 voter education campaigns; launched the Partnership for a Better Energy Future program; helped pass a bill to restore the 40-hour workweek definition; and worked alongside the White House to improve trade facilitation and complete the International Trade Data System.

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Sporting Clays Explained

Rance Miles leads Quality Milk Sales as the Artesia, New Mexico-based company’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer. In his free time, Rance Miles enjoys a number of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and sporting clays.

Often referred to as “golf with a shotgun,” sporting clays is a shooting sport designed to simulate situations a hunter would encounter in the field. While each course is unique, a typical sporting clays course offers shooters 10 stations at which clay targets are launched in a way that mimics the unpredictable movement of birds and other small game.

To complete the course, shooters move from one station to the next and attempt to hit as many targets as they can. Every station offers shooters a different challenge, as each sees different-sized targets launched at varying speeds and trajectories.

Although many people enjoy this shooting activity as a casual hobby, sporting clays has gained recognition as a competitive sporting event that is featured in competitions throughout the United States and abroad. Each year, the most skilled sporting clays competitors can be found at the National Sporting Clays Championship and the US Open Sporting Clays Championship.

CASA Volunteers

New Mexico resident Rance Miles is an operations and financial executive serving a group of companies in the dairy industry. In his spare time, Rance Miles participates in various community organizations, including CASA.

Also known as Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, CASA is a nationwide program that works with abused and neglected children within the court system to ensure their well-being until they are placed in safe and permanent homes. The organization relies heavily on volunteers to support its initiative. In 2013 alone, 238,000 children nationwide received care and assistance from some 75,000 court-appointed CASA and guardian ad litem (GAL) volunteers.

CASA volunteers are comprised of caring individuals who wish to help children in need. Experience in law or social work is not required to become a volunteer. Each person contributing to the cause receives training and support from the organization before and throughout their service. A background check, commitment to serve for the duration of a case, and 30 hours of pre-service training are mandatory for all volunteers.

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The Wounded Warrior Project’s TRACK Program

Rance Miles is chief operating officer and chief financial officer of several milk and dairy companies, including Select Milk Producers, Inc., and Farmers Select LLC. Outside of work, Rance Miles supports several charitable organizations and is active in the Wounded Warrior Project.

Dedicated to helping wounded service members be successful, the Wounded Warrior Project offers several programs focusing on various areas of success. The organization’s TRACK program helps individuals become economically empowered by providing them with the opportunity to meet their educational goals. A 12-month program, TRACK is designed for individuals looking to start or continue their education, develop goals, and form positive strategies for success.

During the program, TRACK students work together as a team, building a supportive environment where individuals of all skill levels can expand their abilities. The program serves as a way of preparing for the civilian workforce by promoting the creation of civilian career goals. In addition to helping its students with their educational and career goals, TRACK also focuses on health and wellness by teaching program participants about improving their overall physical health and understanding how their injuries play a role in reaching their goals.