CASA – Advocating for Foster Youth Seeking Adoption

Based in Artesia, New Mexico, Rance Miles guides Quality Milk Sales as chief financial officer and chief operating officer. Active in his community, he supports a number of nonprofit organizations that seek to provide youth alternatives to drugs and gangs. Rance Miles is also involved with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which advocates for neglected foster children as they await placement with families.

CASA’s volunteer advocates provide judges with details necessary to ensure that the rights of each child are respected while they are in foster care. Children who are paired with CASA volunteers are significantly more likely to find an adoptive family and half as likely to reenter the foster care system.

One of CASA’s success stories featured on its website is that of Dashun Jackson, who endured years of abuse from his mother and her boyfriend, and from age 13 alternated between an aunt’s house and a children’s emergency shelter. A CASA volunteer changed all this by giving Dashun the knowledge and confidence to speak up for himself and communicate his needs. He was successfully placed in a foster home and ultimately decided to give back by working as program manager with an organization that mentors youth.


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